About Us


FBS Software Limited provides time-tested solutions in Service Management; Training; Project Management, Software development & Consultancy services.

As a Service Management company, we are dedicated to expanding and enhancing our business by offering superior products and services with levels of quality and support unmatched in our chosen area of the I.T. industry. We engage the customer from a Business Analysis standpoint to be able to provide the required technical solution.

FBS Software Limited specializes in the provision of solutions to the needs of your organization. We provide Software Solutions, Sales & Customer Service Trainings, Organizational Restructure and general Consulting Services. Everything we do, whether training salespeople and their managers in selling and negotiating techniques, or advising clients on systems that improve the management and control of the work force, is aimed at making organizations more efficient and profitable.

Our products can be tailored to meet your business needs and objectives. Our Consultants are highly skilled and will energize and motivate your team to achieve even greater results.


1. Our strategic market segmentation and implementation strategies

2. Our Diversified market segments, ensures the non-dependency on one particular market

3. Our combination of skills in directorship through jointly developed business strategies and long term plan and having wide experience in market and product know how

4. Establishment and maintenance of a reputable and well known business name

            5. A marketing plan with clear goals and strategies in place