• ITIL Compatibility

FBS Consulting is compatible with IT Infrastructure Library
(ITIL) guidelines for a consolidated, multi-channel interface to
Users that automates incident, problem, configuration and
Availability management to enable continuous improvement of IT services.

The application provides:

  • A single point of contact that consolidates user requests from multiple sources
  • A centralized solution for global, regional, and local IT support organizations
  • Categorization, routing, tracking, validation with the customer, and closing of all events Built-in, automatic client satisfaction.

Increase availability of business-critical systems by speeding incident and problem resolution.

Reduce support call duration and volumes.

Increase productivity for help desk agents, support staff, and users.

Identify root causes to eliminate recurring incidents.

Track performance against service level agreements to ensure that commitments are met.

Establish a common solution for global, regional, and local IT support organizations.

Utilize an integrated searchable knowledge base of common solutions and workarounds.

Quickly route requests to the right support.

Implement reliable, long-term solutions to underlying errors.

Increase IT infrastructure availability