Refund Policy

Refund Policy
Sales on our Hosting /Domain Portal are final. We would not make any refund if:
A purchase was made on your account without your consent. 
A purchase was made with your credit or debit card without your permission.
You misplaced your FBS Add Fund Account information (contact us to retrieve your details).
You make any financial transactions or dealing that contravenes any Financial banking law as stipulated by the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
We may be responsible for a refund if:
Your claim of a payment of hosting, domain or software from our website is verified as true. We have the facility to query our system to confirm our services’ history and authentications. If the fault comes from us we will notify you and make a replacement.
In case of Successful Transaction and then the no emails are sent: This happens if there is an internet connection fluctuation on the buyer’s PC during transaction.
The buyer’s account sometimes might be charged before the link fluctuation. If reported, we will contact our payment service provider to validate payment deduction from buyer’s credit or debit card and then we will activate and send email to user’s registered email address.